Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Website Research Evaluation

I have done some research on three different charity websites to find the conventions used on them to influence the layout on my website.  From all the websites I have looked at, they all have the name of the organization, their logo and slogan in the top left corner of the website, which seems to be the prominent place for this to be.
Videos and photos on the website make it much more interesting and appealing to the audience, which is what is needed to get donations to the charity.  Bright colours and interesting fonts also make the site appealing to users.
Links to other pages on the website are usually displayed down the left hand side or along the top of the website where they are easy to see and are away from the main pictures on the page.
Depending on the type of charity that it is, the website is often aimed at either people that they want to donate to the organization or the people that they are going to help with the donations.  There are often options for people to get involved, which is a good way to help people and communicate with them.
The donation page for the charity usually has a very obvious link from the home page to find it.  It is set out in an easy way for people to understand and donate.  There are often also a few options for different types of donation.

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