Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Website Brief

I have decided to make a website for an environmental charity which will make people aware of the need to look after the environment.  I am going to use the results of my survey and my website research to make a website that will appeal to people to attract donations to the charity.  I am going to use a simple layout for the site, which will make it easy to use and understand.  I have found from my research that this works best, as do bright colours and nice fonts, so I will use some of these ideas to make my website appealing.
The website will consist of four pages, including a home page and a donation page.  I will link these together, and have links for them all along the top of the website where it will be easily visible and accessible. 
I have also found that pictures and video clips on a site are very appealing to the audience, so I will use a few pictures and possibly video to enhance my website. 
My site will also have relevant information about the issues that I am addressing so that the reader will be well informed and will be more likely to make a donation.

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