Monday, 21 February 2011

Survey Evaluation

I have given my survey to 30 people who fit the brief of my target audience.  They have filled it in, and from these results I will make decisions on what to put on my website.  I have displayed the results of my survey in tables and graphs to make it easy to understand.

The ratings for this question were done with number 1 being the highest, which shows that the highest rated websites are greenpeace, friends of the earth, WWF and climate concern UK.  The lowest rated website is water aid.  It is most probable that the people who filled in my survey did not visit every website, which means that they were rated on popularity, and which websites they have heard of.  This still gives me an idea of what type of websites people know of and are most likely to visit.

This question produced quite a variety of results, with no clear choice having most of the votes.  The agree and agree strongly votes together make up nearly half of the answers, and the disagree options only make up about one third, so I know that the majority of our participants think that people should be made more aware of environmental issues.  This is a good sign because I now know that people will benefit from my website. 

This question about which issues are important shows me what people think are important environmental issues in our society and gives me an idea about what content to put in my website.  I have found that recycling and global warming have the most votes for very important, and climate change and energy have the most votes for slightly important.  Based on these findings, I will be putting information about all of these into my website.  

This question also shows that nearly half of the people who took my survey think that people are unaware of environmental issues in their society.  It is my aim, with my website to change this and make more young people aware of environmental issues.

From this chart, I have found that most people thought it would be a good cause if people donated more money to environmental charities.  Hopefully, my charity website will help with this and will make more people donate to an environmental charity.

The results from this question show that the majority of people donate to charity, but only a small amount of them donate regularly.  Most of them chose the “Occasionally” option, which means that most of the audience of my website will make occasional one off donations.  This gives me a good idea of what to expect from the response to my website and how to lay out the donation page.  I can also encourage people to give more regularly.

This graph shows how many people voted for each rating on the different aspects of website layout.  I have found that the things which received a number 1 rating by a large amount of people are: colour coordination, video, audio and photos and information about what the charity aims to do.  The categories which received a lot of number 2 ratings are: video, audio and photos, bright colours and slogan and logo.  Based on these findings, I am going to concentrate on these main aspects when designing my website, and also take into account which categories got a lot of low votes.  This question has helped me to understand what the user wants in a website, and so it will influence my website design quite a lot. 

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